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Bear are common in Crestone. They may be found feeding at dumpsters and in apple and plum trees. Complaints regarding problem bears, such as ones that break into your house or prey on your pets or livestock, may be made to Colorado Parks and Wildlife:

  • (719) 587-6900
  • Colorado Parks and Wildlife
  • 0722 South Road 1 East
  • Monte Vista 81144

Generally the bear will be killed, although there are efforts to rehabilitate and relocate them.

At times bears, including mothers with cubs, have wandered Crestone during the daytime. As of summer 2017 bears visit only at night. Following problems, there are now some bear-proof dumpsters at the most popular locations.

To avoid trouble with those who feel nothing should be done about bears no matter what they do, do not discuss your problems with bears with others in person or on social media.

Bears are attracted to garbage and to fruit trees with ripe fruit. To avoid trouble don't plant apple trees or put garbage where bears can get at it. If there is ripe fruit, pick it. Sturdy doors and windows will retard bears who have learned how to enter houses or vehicles. Needless to say, if you hear a bear in your house, stay in your bedroom until it leaves. You might get lucky if you yell or whatever, or maybe not.