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Walmart has a smaller store in Salida, and a larger store in Alamosa, both on the north side of the highway west of town.

Opening of Walmart and K-Mart (gone now) in Alamosa resulted in a general price decrease in the San Luis Valley of about 20% for common goods. There was also a marked increase in the courtesy extended to people who where not "somebody." A casual visit to Walmart illustrated to anyone that everyone who was not "someone" was shopping in Walmart rather than braving the rudeness of local stores. A few hardheads who chose to continue their nasty ways went out of business.

Walmart was the first store in the valley to prohibit smoking in the store. At many other stores, one could find Elmers with a cigarette hanging out of their mouth holding court at the checkout stand. State law was enacted a few years later prohibiting smoking in all retail establishments.