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Goatheads, Tribulus terrestris, are a noxious weed that grows in Crestone, as of 2015, near the intersection of Silver Avenue and Alder Street. Goatheads are a low plant with yellow flowers which develop into clusters of stickers with two thorns protruding from each sticker. Goatheads grow near the entrance to the post office and on the corners of the intersection of Silver and Alder. In 2016 work on curbs and gutters and sidewalks disrupted much of this intersection. It is unclear how much the infestation of Tribulus terrestris was affected. The weed is a List C Species on the Colorado List of Noxious Weeds.[1][2]

Goatheads are an annual weed and can theoretically be controlled by hoeing and pulling. They are adapted to drought conditions and can extract water in arid environments such as an unirrigated roadside location. In Crestone, as of 2016 goatheads have a good start but could possibly be eliminated.

Biological control

Microlarinus lareynii, a seed feeding weevil, and Microlarinus lypriformis, a stem boring weevil feed on punturevine. They weaken it but will not kill it. Weevils are available from Colorado sources.

Notes and references

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