Trees of Crestone

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Crestone lies on the alluvial fan deposited by North Crestone Creek and Burnt Gulch in the forested foothills of the Sangre de Christo Mountains. The older portion of the town lies along Crestone Creek within a native Cottonwood Juniper ecosystem. There is some Aspen. Away from the stream the forest is Pinon and Juniper, locally called "cedar," with occasional Ponderosa Pine. North Crestone Creek sometimes dries up during periods of drought and during late summer and fall. It will begin to flow in late March or early April if it has dried up. The flow from Burnt Gulch frequently does not reach Crestone. It has a small flow in wet years and may also flood. There are a few trees along the ditch fed by Burnt Gulch, as well as some along other ditches diverted now, or in the past, from Crestone Creek.

Native trees, and some introduced trees, have the capacity to reproduce in the Crestone ecosystem, a few, such as Siberian Elm, very well.