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The weather in Crestone is generally pleasant although temperatures can go far below zero on winter nights and there can be days of miserable cold rain in the fall. Temperatures generally do not rise above 80 degrees in the summer and are often about 40 on sunny days in the winter. Generally there is no snowpack in Crestone itself although a heavy snow in the fall will not melt til spring.

Thunderstorms are common in summer but hail is seldom of the size that causes damage to roofs and cars. Winter snows are generally light with a snow of a foot or more rare. The ground generally thaws about March 15, but trees do not leaf out til May. There are frequent droughts. The creek will dry during the winter during a drought and shallow dug wells may go dry. When the thaw begins in April the creek will begin flowing again and the water table rises.

The severe winds and dust common on the valley floor in spring generally spare Crestone, due to uplift resulting from the elevation of the neighboring mountains. Cold high winds may be present at higher elevation at the top of the range as may severe thunderstorms. Flooding is possible and occurred once in Crestone, washing a few houses away and changing the course of the creek. High winds are also possible and have occurred resulting in the toppling of numerous cottonwood trees.