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Cambodia to the south and west of Vietnam in Indochina is a popular alternative to the People's Republic of China for investment and manufacturing by international firms.[1]

Garment industry

Cambodia, which in 2013 had a minimum wage of $80 a month, up from $60, is a favored location for Chinese sweatshops which produce garments for multinational brands which retail clothing in Europe and the United States.[2]

Sugar industry

Sugar plantations in Cambodia operated by the KSL Group, a Thai company, are alleged to have abused Cambodian farmers and workers. The KSL Group sells its sugar to Tate & Lyle, a British firm. This is an instance where title to all land is in the state which corruptly grants rights to private firms. Occupants of the land are then removed. In the case of Cambodia private title had been abolished by the Khmer Rouge. Tate & Lyle is a major supplier of sugar in Britain.[3]


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