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Company Shops Market is a community owned cooperative store and cafe in Burlington, North Carolina.[1] As of 2012 the cooperative had about 2,300 members; individual membership required a one-time payment of $100, a household of 2 required a one-time payment of $150 with supplemental one-time payments of $50 for each additional person in the household. Membership benefits included 1 vote per household for the board of directors, a 10% discount on purchases on the second Saturday of the month, an annual patronage dividend, and, when implemented and the member needs it, free delivery one day a week.[2]

Locally grown food is purchased from Redbud Organics[3][4] and from Timberwood Organics Farm, small certified organic farms near Burlington.[5] Videos posted on YouTube by the coop were produced by Peyton Lea of Peyton Lea Productions.


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