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WinCo is a regional employee-owned grocery chain with headquarters in Boise, Idaho. Founded as a private business in 1967 with one store in Boise, it was sold in 1985 to its employees using an ESOP, employee stock ownership plan.[1] At that time there were 18 WinCo stores with average sales of only $11 million. Under employee ownership, by 2007 there were over 50 stores, and in 2013 nearly 100 with average sales of $55 million.[2]

WinCo is a no-frills operation using big-box locations abandoned by other retailers and buying directly from farms[3] manufacturers, transporting its purchases using its own fleet of trucks.[2] WinCo is one of the few stores that consistently beats Walmart for low prices. There is little or no advertising and customers bag their own groceries.[1]

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