Communist Youth Movement (Netherlands)

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Communist Youth Movement
Communistische Jongeren Beweging
Chairperson Arlen Sabajo
Founded September 21, 2003
Headquarters Haarlemmerweg 177, 1051 LB, Amsterdam
Ideology Marxism-Leninism
Mother party New Communist Party of the Netherlands
International affiliation World Federation of Democratic Youth (pending member)

Communist Youth Movement (in Dutch: Communistische Jongeren Beweging) is a political youth organization in the Netherlands. CJB was founded on September 21, 2003, as an independent, though politically allied, continuation of the youth of the New Communist Party of the Netherlands, NCPN Jongeren (NCPN Youth).

It is the youth organization of the NCPN, and it publishes Voorwaarts! (Forward!) in an attempt to bring the socialist ideas to the youth as well.

Its membership count remains unpublished, but the growth of the CJB, due to their activity, has shown to be a factor of the revitalization of their mother party. Its members are present at most demonstrations and massorganisations that the NCPN and other European communist youth groups participate in, as well as active in Cuban solidarity campaigns.

CJB members at a trade union action

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