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A counter-revolutionary is anyone who opposes a communist revolution, particularly those who act after a revolution to try to overturn or reverse it, in full or in part. The adjective, "counterrevolutionary", pertains to movements, persons or actions that have or would likely have the effect of restoring bourgeois rule.[1] According to Lenin, writting in 1922:
Propaganda or agitation, or membership of, or assistance given to organisations the object of which (propaganda and agitation) is to assist that section of the international bourgeoisie which refuses to recognise the rights of the communist system of ownership that is superseding capitalism, and is striving to overthrow that system by violence, either by means of foreign intervention or blockade, or by espionage, financing the press, and similar means, is an offence punishable by death, which, if mitigating circumstances are proved. may be commuted to deprivation of liberty, or deportation.[1]

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