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In order to edit Communpedia you need to create an account. We have a lot of trouble with spammers, advertisers, creating accounts using automated software, spambots. They do that on all wikis with public access. In order to be successful they randomly generate long weird names that are not already in use on big wikis like Wikipedia. That sort of name is often blocked on sight here and the ip that created it, often an open proxy Wp→, is blocked. So when you create an account please pick a short plain name, most are unused here, and you will be seen immediately as a legitimate account. This will avoid having your privacy compromised by checkuser being used. Checkuser which identifies the ip you connect with is never used on legitimate accounts.

If you want to use an open proxy, or a tor node, to connect to Commupedia for privacy reasons, go ahead an create your account using the open proxy, if you can, then notify us with respect to that so that appropriate measures can be taken to ensure your accessibility to Communpedia. You might have to try several before one gets through. If the ip you need to use is blocked due to spamming, email fredbaud at with details, copy the message you are receiving from us with the ip address. Use the title, "Blocked on Communpedia" so I have a chance to notice it. I'll unblock it. User:Fred Bauder