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Ian Angus is a socialist and ecosocialist activist in Canada. Angus joined the New Democratic Party (NDP) in 1962 and then the Young Socialists in Ottawa in 1964. He was active in the YS and the League for Socialist Action into the 1970s. Angus participated in the formation of the Revolutionary Workers League (fusion of the LSA with the Revolutionary Marxist Group and Groupe Marxiste Revolutionaire in 1977.[1] He left the RWL in 1980.


Angus authored Canadian Bolsheviks: The Early Years of the Communist Party of Canada. (Vanguard Publications 1981; Second edition Trafford Publishing, 2004.)

Angus is co-author, with Simon Butler, of Too Many People? Population, Immigration, and the Environmental Crisis. (Haymarket Books, 2011)

Angus is the founder and director of Socialist History Project and was an editor of Socialist Voice. Angus is the editor of Climate and Capitalism. He was a founding member and Coordinating Committee Member of Ecosocialist International Network and is a member of Canadian Dimension editorial collective.

Angus is an advisory editor of Socialist Resistance,[2] and the editor of The Global Fight for Climate Justice:Anticapitalist Responses to Global Warming and Environmental Destruction, published by Resistance Books.[3]

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