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Libcom is an anarchist website run by libertarian communists based in London, United Kingdom, which was created on May 1, 2005 when it was renamed from[1] Libcom work is a resource to help communities and people's working conditions. It focuses on providing news on contemporary strikes and community struggles in Britain, and hosts a library archive of historical and theoretical writings from a class struggle perspective[2]. The name libcom is an abbreviation of the words libertarian and community - or Communism - (organising). Libcom's previous existence, was started by members of the then-dissolving Anarchist Youth Network[3].

The libcom group places its ideas within the wider historical context of class struggle, that is with those self-organised movements of workers and communities which have sprung up in various times and places, whether consciously libertarian communist or not. They are also influenced by the specific theoretical and practical traditions of anarchist-communism, social ecology/communalism, anarcho-syndicalism, the situationists, autonomist-marxism, council communism, and writers including Marx, Peter Kropotkin, Harry Cleaver, Murray Bookchin and Anton Pannekoek. However, although texts from both the Marxist and Anarchist traditions are included, the project is based around understanding and transforming the social relationships we experience in our everyday lives, whilst learning from the mistakes and successes of previous revolutionaries and revolutions.


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