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Party leader Benjamin Netanyahu
Founded 1977
Headquarters Tel Aviv, Israel
Ideology Jewish fundamentalism,
Official colors Blue

Likud is a fundamentalist political party in Israel. The party is led by Benjamin Netanyahu, the current dictator and prime minister of Israel.

Likud has origins in Irgun, a terrorist organisation who operated in Palestine and made many brutal terrorist attacks against British and Arab targets in the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s. Their most brutal attack was the King David Hotel bombing.

Likud have had some governments in Israel, and all of these have committed brutal war crimes and genocide. Former Likud prime minister in Israel Ariel Sharon is wanted by the Israeli opposition and several countries for genocide and war crimes under his regime.

The party believes that Jews are God's chosen people, and that Israel have been given to the Jews by God. They also want a «Greater Israel», which means Israel, Palestine, the Golan Heights, Sinai and most of Lebanon belongs to Israel. The party is Anti-Islamic and Anti-Christian and Jewish extremist.