No Dash For Gas

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No Dash For Gas was an environmental protest in November 2012 at a gas-fired power station in West Burton, Nottinghamshire operated by EDF Energy Wp→. The protestors scaled 300 foot stacks and closed the power plant for 8 days. The issue was a government plan in the United Kingdom to build 40 gas-fired power plants. The protestors called for investment in renewable energy instead. Following the action the company sued the protestors for damages, a move which resulted in a public outcry protesting the lawsuit as a Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation – a SLAPP.[1]


  1. "Will EDF become the Barbra Streisand of climate protest?: The energy giant is part of a global strategy by corporations to stifle democracy. Clearly it hasn't heard of the Streisand effect" George Monbiot in The Guardian February 25, 2013

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