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Big deal in South?

Dorian Warren, an assistant professor of political science at Columbia University who studies labor organizing and inequality, said new protests in the Southern US are "a huge, huge deal."

"The South has always been the model for low wage employment, from slavery to the Jim Crow laws, to the present. It's also the most anti-union part of the country, so the fact that workers feel empowered enough to take collective action is enormous," he noted.

-- source: Huffington Post (Abrahamian article ref'd on main page)

Is it really that big a deal, or is Dorian Warren exaggerating a little here?

Both, a genuine mass movement among all segments of Southern workers would be a big deal, but this is only a small segment. The sort of people who are elected would change. User:Fred Bauder Talk 02:25, 23 September 2013 (GMT)