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This template is for adding a music sample within {{Infobox song}} or {{Infobox single}}.


{{Extra music sample
| type           = 
| filename       = 
| title          = 
| description    = 
  • type should be "song" for songs and "single" for singles (without the quotes).
  • filename is the name of the audio file.
  • title is the name of the song.
  • description should probably be left blank in this context; otherwise, provide a brief description specific to the sample such as the duration.
{{Extra music sample
| Type           = single
| Filename       = The_Beatles_-_Ticket_to_Ride.ogg
| Title          = "Ticket to Ride"
| Description    = 

Note: This template must be wrapped in an infobox; it does not provide the outer table markup and relies on a table being open when used. See "Ticket to Ride" for an example.



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