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The template looks for letter font families that are broadly supporting incurrent characters (symbols, characters). Input can be decimal like { or hexadecimal ©. E.g. (mind the 'x' for hex values):

  • ​{{unicode|⋊}}​ -->
  • ​{{unicode|⋊}}​ -->
  • ​{{unicode|⋊}}​ --> (this may look trivial, but could be helpful in other browsers)


  • ​{{unicode|⋉}}​ -->
  • ​{{unicode|⋉}}​ -->
  • ​{{unicode|⋉}}​ -->


This template is created to allow easy switching to Wikipedia:unicode fonts. It should only be used in cases where characters otherwise do not render correctly on some browsers, such as Wikipedia:Microsoft Wikipedia:Internet Explorer.

The fonts selected are designed to maximize the probability to render uncommon Unicode characters correctly. However, different fonts cover different Unicode ranges. It is probably mostly useful for various Wikipedia:Unicode symbols. Do not use it for the following:

Guts of template

<span class="Unicode">{{{1}}}</span>

...wherein class="Unicode" is defined in MediaWiki:Common.css/WinFixes.css:

.Unicode {
    font-family: "Arial Unicode MS", "Microsoft Sans Serif", "Free Sans",
                 "Gentium Plus", "Gentium Basic", "Gentium", "GentiumAlt", "DejaVu Sans",
                 "DejaVu Serif", "Free Serif", "TITUS Cyberbit Basic",
                 "Bitstream Cyberbit", "Bitstream CyberBase", "Doulos SIL",
                 "Code2000", "Code2001";
    font-size-adjust: 0.54;

A personal stylesheet (/monobook.css &c, class .Unicode) may be used to enforce a "prettier" display where preferred.

See also

  • {{IPA}} — to produce symbols from the International Phonetic Alphabet
  • {{mufi}} — Forces a font which supports the MUFI characters.
  • {{transl}} — generic romanization
  • {{script}} — Scripts in Unicode navigation box

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