Union of Communist Parties – Communist Party of the Soviet Union

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Union of Communist Parties – Communist Party of the Soviet Union
Leader Gennady Zyuganov
Founded 1993
Ideology Marxism-Leninism

The Union of Communist Parties – Communist Party of the Soviet Union (Russian: Союз коммунистических партий – Коммунистической партии Советского союза; СКП–КПСС; UPC–CPSU) is a group of communist parties in the former Soviet Union established in 1993.

Gennady Zyuganov is the organization's chairman, replacing previous chairman Oleg Shenin in 2001 (who split off a part of the UCP–CPSU as the "Communist Party of the Soviet Union").


State Party Election Lower house Upper house Leader
 Abkhazia Communist Party of Abkhazia 2012 election
0 / 35
Shamba Lev
 Armenia Armenian Communist Party 2007 election
0 / 131
Ruben Tovmasyan
 Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Communist Party 2010 election
0 / 125
Rauf Gurbanov
 Belarus Communist Party of Belarus 2008 election
6 / 110
Tatsyana Holubeva
 Estonia Communist Party of Estonia Banned by the authorities Vacant
 Georgia United Communist Party of Georgia 2008 election
0 / 150
Nugzar Avaliani
 Kazakhstan Communist Party of Kazakhstan Temporarily banned by the authorities Gaziz Aldamzharov
 Kyrgyzstan Party of Communists of Kyrgyzstan 2010 election
0 / 120
Ishak Masaliev
 Latvia Communist Party of Latvia Banned by the authorities Underground
 Lithuania Communist Party of Lithuania Underground
 Moldova Party of Communists of the Republic of Moldova 2010 elections
42 / 101
Vladimir Voronin
 Russia Communist Party of the Russian Federation 2011 election
92 / 450
Gennady Zyuganov
 South Ossetia Communist Party of South Ossetia 2009 election
8 / 34
Stanislav Kochiev
 Tajikistan Communist Party of Tajikistan 2010 election
2 / 63
Shodi Shabdolov
 Transnistria Pridnestrovie Communist Party 2010 election
1 / 43
Oleg Khorzhan
 Turkmenistan Communist Party of Turkmenistan Banned by the authorities Serdar Rakhimov
 Ukraine Communist Party of Ukraine 2007 election
27 / 450
Petro Symonenko
 Uzbekistan Communist Party of Uzbekistan 2009–2010 election
0 / 135
0 / 100
Kakhramon Makhmudov