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Some articles might not meet the quality standards of Communpedia. There are several templates used for tracking such articles, and in some cases, the tagged article needs to be completely rewritten, and can be deleted, this is done mainly so that users acknowledge that an article is missing, and begin writing it from scratch. Articles may be tagged for deletion if they are not significantly improved, and left tagged with a maintenance template, after a certain period of time from the date of the article's creation:

1 day:

1 week:

If the respective time period has expired, the tagged article will not be deleted but instead tagged with {{Delete}}, and, if left unmodified, deleted after another period of time: one week (7 days).

If your article has been tagged with any of these templates, you can move your article to your user subpage (for example, if your article Communism has been tagged for deletion, you can move it to User:YourUsername/Communism. Articles created on user subpages will generally not get deleted. And, once you have finished your article, it's time to move it back to its original name!

Additionally, you can add {{Working}} to the top of your article, this gives you 30 extra days so you can finish it, however, if you leave the article unmodified for more than a week, it is subject to immediate deletion.