Venezuelan general election, 2000

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Venezuelan presidential election, 2000
1998 ←
July 30, 2000
→ 2006

Nominee Hugo Chávez Francisco Arias
Home state Barinas Zulia
States carried 23 1
Popular vote 3,757,773 2,359,459
Percentage 59.76% 37.52%

President before election

Hugo Chávez

Elected President

Hugo Chávez


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A presidential election was held in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela on July 30, 2000. This was the first election held under Venezuela's newly adopted 1999 constitution.


e • d Summary of the 30 July 2000 Venezuela presidential election results
Candidates - Nominating parties Votes %
Hugo Chávez - Movement for the Fifth Republic (Movimiento V República) 3,757,773 59.76
Francisco Arias Cárdenas - The R Cause (La Causa R) 2,359,459 37.52
Claudio Fermín - Encuentro Nacional 171,346 2.72
Total 6,288,578 100.0
Registered voters 11,720,660
Votes cast (% of registered voters) 6,637,276 56.63
Valid votes (% of votes cast) 6,288,578 94.75
Invalid votes (% of votes cast) 348,698 5.25
No-votes (% of votes cast) 37,080 0.56
Abstention (% of registered voters) 5,120,464 43.69
Source: National Electoral Council (Venezuela) [1][dead link]

As a result of this election, incumbent President Hugo Chávez (originally voted in under the previous constitution in 1998; see 1998 election results) was elected to a second six-year term. He was sworn in on August 19, 2000.

On June 8, 2004 it was announced that the result of this election would be put to a recall referendum on 15 August. See: Venezuelan recall referendum, 2004.

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