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The Workers International League (WIL) is a socialist organization based in the United States.[1] It is affiliated with the International Marxist Tendency (IMT), and describes its politics as descending from Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Vladimir Lenin and Leon Trotsky.


The banner of the International Marxist Tendency

The Workers International League stands for the socialist transformation of society, based on the nationalization of the "commanding heights" of the economy in the form of the Fortune 500.[2] They view the establishment of a socialist society to be necessary as capitalism can not be reformed in a way to overcome its internal contradictions or alienation.

In order to achieve the socialist transformation of society the WIL believes "a mass revolutionary party firmly rooted in the labor movement"[3] must be built. One of the leading theoreticians of the IMT, Ted Grant, argued that "our own forces are too weak to create a Left wing of mass proportions". He believed that history proved "at the first stages of revolutionary upsurge, the masses turn to the mass organisations to try and find a solution for their problems" (i.e. the social democratic parties and the unions). Therefore, in order to build the revolutionary party "our job is to win over the most advanced elements and create cadres within the [social democratic parties]."[4]

Unlike other sections of the IMT the WIL does not practice entryism into any political party, since the WIL argues that both the Democrats and Republicans are capitalist parties.[5] Instead their programme calls for the creation of a labor party based on the trade unions.[6] Following Ted Grant's reasoning, the WIL would then aim to win over the "advanced elements" of the working class within the labor party to revolutionary socialism. The creation of the mass revolutionary party would result from a split within the labor party over the need to move forward with socialist demands.


The Workers International League, unlike other IMT sections, does not pursue entryism in any political party. Instead they intervene in the labor movement to raise the demand for the unions to break with the Democrats and to build a labor party. The WIL helped to launch the Campaign for a Mass Party of Labor in order to connect this demand to the labor movement. They have also intervened in pro-labor and union events, the only "traditional mass organization" of the working class in the US,[7] to raise this demand.[8]

The WIL also publishes a monthly paper called Socialist Appeal.

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