Republican Network for Unity

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Republican Network for Unity, RNU
Founded 2007
Ideology Irish Republicanism Socialism Internationalism
Political position Anti-Imperialist Marxism Revolutionary Republican

The Republican Network for Unity aka RNU is a small Revolutionary Irish republican political party. It was formed in 2007 following a coming together of Ex-Republican Prisoners unhappy at both the direction of previous Republican groupings (which they had been a part of), and in immediate opposition to Sinn Feins decision to embrace the PSNI .

It was originally known as the Ex-POWs and Concerned Republicans against RUC/PSNI & MI5 and was a central element in attempts to create a Republican Unity initiative alongside the 32 County Sovereignty Movement, the Irish Republican Socialist Party and various Independent Republicans. Following the collapse of the Republican Forum for Unity Initiative the group re-organized, changing its name to "Republican Network for Unity" proposing traditional Irish Republican values while still subscribing to the aspiration of Republican Unity.

More recently and following an influx of younger members, a year long process of internal debate and discussion took place within RNU after which its membership subscribed officially to an unapologetic Socialist Republican position best described in its position paper Revolutionary Republicanism.

At its 5th Ard Fheis held in Belfast in February 2013, delegates voted overwhelmingly to become a Revolutionary Party, leaving the way open for members to contest local elections only. An accompanying motion forbade members to participate in elections to 'partitionist parliamentary bodies'.

RNU use a wide range of activities to build awareness of its left-wing Republican message, including peaceful protest, political lobbying and at times Non Violent Direct Action. Its membership comes under intense scrutiny from the state and several of its leading members have been targeted for arrest and imprisonment since RNU inception. A founding Ard Comhairle member Tony Taylor from Derry City is currently imprisoned in Maghaberry Gaol County Antrim on highly contested and controversial charges related to alleged possession of firearms.



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