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I am, of course, the Wikipedia editor, User:Fred Bauder Wp→. I have the reputation there of being an anti-communist,[1] as Wikipedia follows a neutral point of view policy, and, frankly, I'm not of the opinion that communism, as practiced, is the best thing since sliced bread. It is good, just not perfect, "Socialism was not perfect but capitalism is pure evil."[1]

A communist way of life is natural to me, although I have little interest in imposing it on others. That said, I do have an interest in preventing the systemic use of others as poorly compensated inputs to production processes. I support communist government if it is democratic, has the support of the masses,[2] and respects civil rights. Perhaps that is a utopian position.

In terms of practical politics I was a strong supporter of the position of Mikhail Gorbachev and was disappointed that his efforts did not lead to successful reform of the political and economic system of the Soviet Union. I supported neither dissolution of the Soviet Union nor dismantling of socialism. "What were they thinking?" describes my reaction to handing over industrial assets to the oligarchs. Gorbachev was impatient and did not develop popular support either within the Communist Party or by the Soviet public for his program which is why it failed; I do not believe for a minute that the Soviet people rejected either democracy or socialism.

"First and foremost it is worth acknowledging that the demise of the Soviet Union was the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the century."[2]

My father's family is from Russia, specifically from Tsebrykove Wp→, Hoffnungstal, now in Ukraine. My grandfather and great-grandfather emigrated to the United States in 1890. Many members of my family remained, and as kulaks, had many unpleasant experiences. I doubt my grandfather[3] would have acted any differently if he had remained in Russia and might well have been shot on the steps of the Lutheran church as many of his cousins were.

I was never a member of an organized Marxist or revolutionary group in the United States other than Students for a Democratic Society Wp→; I have had some experience with labor unions and a bit in the National Lawyers Guild, but never worked in industry.

Gorilla theater is not rocket surgery

Honor the dead; respect the living, but don't drink the Koolaid.[3]

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Internet Workers of the World
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“Ordinary people want more and more every day,” he continued. “They grow smarter every day, and they are harder and harder to control.

“Today’s government officials are having a hard time.” Zheng Yanxiong

"there is no detail of administration so banal that it cannot be made into an opportunity to drive a bankrupt and demeaning ideology towards crisis" Daniel Hind


  1. "Media Disinformation: Vaclav Havel and Kim Jong Il: Two Icons, Two Deaths, Two Worlds" commentary by Danny Schechter on Global Research, December 25, 2011
  2. No government is democratic or stable that does that does not have the support of the people. "Socialism could be brought about only by an independent movement of an overwhelming majority. It is the task of the Socialists to lead in this movement. And when they are confronted, with the apathy of the majority, they must seek to enlighten it and to win it over to their side. Under no circumstances must they seek to dominate it by violence and compulsion. Only when minorities of exploiters try to hold down by force majorities of exploited do we consider the use of force against such minorities justified. But never against the majority of the. population, however reactionary it may be." Kurt Kautsky, Chapter 6 Social Democracy versus Communism
  3. I said that. The reference to "Koolaid" is an obscure reference to Jim_Jones#Deaths_in_Jonestown Wp→ which has passed into English colloquial usage; it means, "Don't do dumb stuff because an authority, living or dead, tells you to," a principle enshrined on Wikipedia as Wikipedia:Ignore all rules Wp→