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War on Science is a political slogan used by progressive forces to characterize right wing opposition to scientific findings regarding environmental issues such as climate change.

The War on Science has been quite successful with respect to climate change resulting in general public rejection of well-founded scientific findings. Opposition to evolution, not so much. Significant changes in both business practices and life-style would be necessary to significantly mitigate predicted climate change which result from massive releases of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere due to industrialization.

Reaction to Marxism

Of long standing is the reaction of capitalist scholars to the economic discoveries of Karl Marx. Denial of basic laws of capitalist development continue despite repeated economic crises associated with concentration of wealth, falling rates of profit, and mass unemployment.


The left has its own "war on science" usually expressed as resistance to some corporate product or practice such as fracking or genetically modified organisms, GMOs, which supposedly causes enormous environmental damage.[1][2][3]

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