1988 in Doctor Who

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For criticism see Criticism of 1988 in Doctor Who

Continues from 1987 in Doctor Who.


Broadcast on BBC1.



Target novelizations:

  • Doctor Who: Vengeance on Varos Philip Martin January [based on broadcast 1985 in Doctor Who ]
  • Doctor Who: The Underwater Menace Nigel Robinson February [based on broadcast 1967 in Doctor Who ]
  • Doctor Who: The Wheel in Space Terrance Dicks March [based on broadcast 1968 in Doctor Who ]
  • Doctor Who: The Ultimate Foe Pip & Jane Baker April [based on The Trial of a Time Lord, broadcast 1986 in Doctor Who, mainly on the last 2 parts]
  • Doctor Who: The Edge of Destruction Nigel Robinson May [based on episodes The Edge of Destruction and The Brink of Disaster, 1964 in Doctor Who ]
  • Doctor Who: The Smugglers Terrance Dicks June [based on broadcast 1966 in Doctor Who ]
  • Doctor Who: Paradise Towers Stephen Wyatt December [based on broadcast 1987 in Doctor Who ]

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