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For criticism see Criticism of 1995 in Doctor Who

Continues from 1994 in Doctor Who.



  • Doctor Who Yearbook September

Virgin New Adventures:

  • Warlock Andrew Cartmel January
  • Set Piece Kate Orman February
  • Infinite Requiem Daniel Blythe March
  • Sanctuary David A. McIntee April
  • Human Nature Paul Cornell May [adapted to make the episodes Human Nature and The Family of Blood, broadcast 2007 in Doctor Who ]
  • Original Sin Andy Lane June
  • Sky Pirates! Dave Stone July
  • Zamper Gareth Roberts August
  • Toy Soldiers Paul Leonard September
  • Head Games Steve Lyons October
  • The Also People Ben Aaronovitch November
  • Shakedown Terrance Dicks December

Virgin missing adventures:

  • The Romance of Crime Gareth Roberts January
  • The Ghosts of N-Space Barry Letts February [novelization of a radio story not actually broadcast until 1996 in Doctor Who ]
  • Time of Your Life Steve Lyons March
  • Dancing the Code Paul Leonard April
  • The Menagerie Martin Day May
  • System Shock Justin Richards June
  • The Sorcerer's Apprentice Christopher Bulis July
  • Invasion of the Cat-People Gary Russell August
  • Managra Stephen Marley September
  • Millennial Rites Craig Hinton October
  • The Empire of Glass Andy Lane November
  • Lords of the Storm David A. McIntee December

Continues in 1996 in Doctor Who.

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