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For criticism see Criticism of 1996 in Doctor Who

Continues from 1995 in Doctor Who.



This pilot for a revival of the series was unsuccessful. For the next programme in the series, see 2005 in Doctor Who. Doctor Who continues in other media in 1997 in Doctor Who.




Virgin New Adventures:

  • Just War Lance Parkin January
  • Warchild Andrew Cartmel February
  • SLEEPY Kate Orman March
  • Death and Diplomacy Dave Stone April
  • Happy Endings Paul Cornell May
  • GodEngine Craig Hinton June
  • Christmas on a Rational Planet Lawrence Miles July
  • Return of the Living Dad Kate Orman August
  • The Death of Art Simon Bucher-Jones September
  • Damaged Goods Russell T Davies October
  • Bad Therapy Matthew Jones December

Virgin Missing Adventures:

  • Downtime Marc Platt January [the Doctor does not actually appear in this story]
  • The Man in the Velvet Mask Daniel O'Mahony February
  • The English Way of Death Gareth Roberts March
  • The Eye of the Giant Christopher Bulis April
  • The Sands of Time Justin Richards May
  • Killing Ground Steve Lyons June
  • The Scales of Injustice Gary Russell July
  • The Shadow of Weng-Chiang David A. McIntee August
  • Twilight of the Gods Christopher Bulis September
  • Speed of Flight Paul Leonard October
  • The Plotters Gareth Roberts November
  • Cold Fusion Lance Parkin December

Fictional events

Events from the Doctor Who world:


See also Doctor Who by year.

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