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For criticism see Criticism of 1997 in Doctor Who

Continues from 1996 in Doctor Who.



Virgin New Adventures:

  • So Vile a Sin Ben Aaronovitch & Kate Orman May 1997
  • Eternity Weeps Jim Mortimore January
  • The Room With No Doors Kate Orman February
  • Lungbarrow Marc Platt March
  • The Dying Days Lance Parkin April

Virgin Missing Adventures:

  • Burning Heart Dave Stone January
  • A Device of Death Christopher Bulis February
  • The Dark Path David A. McIntee March
  • The Well-Mannered War Gareth Roberts April

BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures:

  • The Eight Doctors Terrance Dicks June
  • Vampire Science Jonathan Blum & Kate Orman July
  • The Bodysnatchers Mark Morris August
  • Genocide Paul Leonard September
  • War of the Daleks John Peel October
  • Alien Bodies Lawrence Miles November

Fictional events

Events from the Doctor Who world:

Continues in 1998 in Doctor Who.

See also Doctor Who by year.

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