1998 in Doctor Who

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For criticism see Criticism of 1998 in Doctor Who

Continues from 1997 in Doctor Who.



  • The Ice Warriors Collection November: comprises the surviving episodes with soundtracks and partial reconstructions of the rest [broadcast: 1967 in Doctor Who ]


BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures:

  • Kursaal Peter Anghelides January
  • Option Lock Justin Richards February
  • Longest Day Michael Collier March
  • Legacy of the Daleks John Peel April
  • Dreamstone Moon Paul Leonard May
  • Seeing I Kate Orman and Jonathan Blum June
  • Placebo Effect Gary Russell July
  • Vanderdeken's Children Christopher Bulis August
  • The Scarlet Empress Paul Magrs September
  • The Janus Conjunction Trevor Baxendale October
  • Beltempest Jim Mortimore November

Continues in 1999 in Doctor Who.

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