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For criticism see Criticism of 2005 in Doctor Who

Continues from 2004 in Doctor Who.


Continues from 1996 in Doctor Who.

Broadcast on BBC1.

For later versions of these episodes see


  • Series 1: Volume 1 May [first 3 episodes above]
  • Series 1: Volume 2 June [Aliens of London to Dalek]
  • Series 1: Volume 3 August [The Long Game to The Doctor Dances]
  • Series 1: Volume 4 September [Boom Town to The Parting of the Ways]
  • The Complete First Series November [all the above]


  • The Gallifrey Chronicles by Lance Perkin, first published by BBC Books in Template:Flag
  • Doctor Who Annual 2006 August: this includes, among others, the following short story:
    • "What I Did on my Christmas Holidays by Sally Sparrow" by Steven Moffat [Moffat is the actual author of the story; Sally is a character in it, writing in the first person; this story was later adapted to make the broadcast episode Blink, 2007 in Doctor Who ]

Continues in 2006 in Doctor Who.

See also Doctor Who by year.

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