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For criticism see Criticism of 2010 in Doctor Who

Continues from 2009 in Doctor Who.


Broadcast on BBC1.

For later versions of the above see


New series:

  • The Waters of Mars & The End of Time January [broadcast: 2009 in Doctor Who and above]
  • The Complete Specials January: regular episodes The Next Doctor to The End of Time, together with Music of the Spheres [broadcast: 2008 in Doctor Who to above]
  • Dreamland February [broadcast: 2009 in Doctor Who ]
  • The Waters of Mars February [broadcast: 2009 in Doctor Who ]
  • The End of Time February [broadcast: 2009 in Doctor Who and above]
  • Series 5: Volume 1, June:The Eleventh Hour to Victory of the Daleks [above]
  • Series 5: Volume 2, July: The Time of Angels to The Vampires of Venice [above]
  • Series 5: Volume 3, August: Amy's Choice to Cold Blood [above]
  • Series 5: Volume 4, September: Vincent and the Doctor to The Big Bang [above]
  • The Complete Fifth Series November: the above 4 volumes combined


  • Doctor Who Annual 2010 July
  • Doctor Who: the Official Annual 2011 August
  • Doctor Who: the Brilliant Book 2011 September

Continues in 2011 in Doctor Who.

See also Doctor Who by year.

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