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See also Pali Text Society.
For criticism see Criticism of Criticism of Pali Text Society

Much of the criticism of the PTS has come from itself. In 1994, the then President of the Pali Text Society stated that most of its translations were unsatisfactory.[1] Another former President said in 2003 that most of the translations were done very badly.[2] The style of many translations from the Canon has been criticized in the Society's Journal[3] as "Buddhist Hybrid English", a term invented by Paul Griffiths for translations from Sanskrit. He describes it as "deplorable", "comprehensible only to the initiate, written by and for Buddhologists".[4]

As to the Society's editions of Pali texts, many are based on just a handful of manuscripts, or even just one, and are full of doubtful or wrong readings.[5]

If you go to the Society's website, [1], click on Sitemap in the menu on the left, and go to Pali Canon in the About Pali section, you'll get a list headed The Books Of The Pāli Canon. Yet at least 15 of the Society's own publications mention variations in contents.[6]


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