Empire of Atlantium

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Self-Declared 'Micronation'
The Empire of Atlantium
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Motto: E tenebris lux (Latin: Out of Darkness, Light)
Official languages English and Latin
"Sovereign Head of State" George Francis Cruickshank, self-proclaimed Emperor and First Amongst Equals (Sovereignty invested by citizens)
"Head of Government" George Francis Cruickshank (self-proclaimed, acting).
- Total
- % water
(Not ranked)
None, though claims 61 m� of Australian territory.

- Total

- Density
(Not ranked)

1000 'members'

0/km� (no territory)
- Date
Declaration of Independence, 27th November 1981
Currency Solidus (plural Solidi), pegged to USD
Time zone UTC+10
Internet TLD none

The Empire of Atlantium in Sydney, Australia is a political advocacy group promoting the idea of "global sovereignty" and aiming to cause a paradigm shift in the concept of what constitutes a sovereign state. It is referred to by some (but not by its own members) as a micronation. The Atlantium web-site utilises several different self-description formulations, including the assertions that it is a "self-declared State" and an "aspirant microstate".

The group claims to have been established in 1981 by three teenagers and to have now approximately 1,000 members, in over 60 countries. George Francis Cruickshank is referred to by group members as head of state with the title "Emperor George II".

Among the causes Atlantium espouses are the right to unrestricted international freedom of movement, the right to abortion, the right to assisted suicide and decimal calendar reform.

Atlantium's territorial claims are presently limited to a 61 m� apartment, located several kilometres from the centre of Sydney's main business district, though in practice this territory remains under Australian jurisdiction.

No established nation has recognised Atlantium's sovereignty and it has no reciprocal diplomatic relations, but instead appoints "unaccredited diplomatic representatives" to serve its interests and support its citizens in various towns, states/provinces, nation-states and regions of the world.

Atlantium accepts applications for citizenship, but such citizenship does not supersede previously existing citizenships. Atlantians contend that they are all dual-citizens, and that Atlantium actively encourages its citizens to participate in the political processes of their resident countries.

While the group uses the words "citizenship" and "diplomatic" idiosyncratically, supporters note that Atlantium has made no secret of its attempts at redefining existing paradigms, and claim that this is in fact a fundamental motivation for the group's existence.

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