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The Fifth World Health Organisation (5WHO) was founded on 20 June 2007 (U:15G2007). It currently has 7 qualified members.

The 5WHO recognises the Herbalists' Charter, which was granted by King Henry VIII in 1512. This forms the legal basis for the 5WHO itself.

The 5WHO recognises the authority of the MPR, and recognised 5WHO members automatically become members of the MPR as well.

The 5WHO recognises all real health professionals 21 and older, and does not otherwise discriminate on the basis of sex, race, age, National origin, Micronational allegiance, sexual orientation, family composition or type, religion, disability, or veteran status.

Also, the 5WHO recognises all real health professional companies, institutions, clinics, and does not discriminate on the basis of registered or incorporated status, institutional or National accreditation, territorial status, or UN/UNPO Membership.


On 3 July 2009, the Fifth World Health Organisation (5WHO) rejected the findings of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB). In a document issued on 25 March 2009 entitled "Guidelines for Evaluating Reiki as an Alternative Therapy", the USCCB stated that Reiki was both unscientific and non-Christian. The Fifth World Health Organisation (5WHO) made it known to the UCCB in an email that it, on the other hand, recognises all drugless, surgery-free, and noninvasive naturopathic modalities without religious or other kind of prejudice. The 5WHO also stated that citing Reiki as unscientific is a poor justification overall in view of its many observed benefits, and this is an especially poor justification from a Catholic point of view, since the Catholic Church normally makes saints out of scientifically impossible healings, while the healings promoted by other unscientific means are somehow considered demonic.


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