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According to User:Sonphan66:

  1. Beethoven
  2. Mozart
  3. Bach
  4. Prez [presumably the user means Josquin Des Prez or Desprez, usually referred to by his first name]
  5. Vivaldi
  6. Pachelbel
  7. Debussy
  8. Schubert
  9. Chopin
  10. Haydn
  11. Tchaikovsky

The Music of the Millennium poll was organized in Britain by HMV, Classic fm and Channel 4. About 600,000 people voted. The free results booklet issued afterwards lists the following top 10 in the Best Classical Composer category:

  1. Mozart
  2. Beethoven
  3. Bach
  4. Tchaikovsky
  5. Vivaldi
  6. Elgar
  7. Holst
  8. Wagner
  9. Chopin
  10. Handel

The following are likely to be copyright:


  • Classic Cat lists composers in whom the website's customers show the most interest.