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The Principality of Vikesland is a declared sovereign democratic monarchy with a published constitution. It is a nation of people who have come together as citizens and who wish to build and be involved in the operation of a new micronation.

The Principality's Territory is comprised of privately owned land that is declared Vikeslandic land by its legal owners. However these lands still reside within the jurisdiction of other nations and are still beholden to their laws.

It is the hope of the Principality that someday through peaceful negotiations and or purchase, that it will have a defined sovereign territory in which it may permanently establish itself. We are currently looking at various locations.

The Principality of Vikesland's claims to sovereignty are based on the Sovereignty of the individual citizen, and their right to self-determination. Vikeslanders are peaceful people who are proud dual citizens with the other countries in which we reside.


The Vikeslandic Government is a Democratic Monarchy - meaning that all laws are passed by free vote. Additional they have a chancellor and vice-chancellor that are nationally elected to represent the citizens of Vikesland in the Royal Council.

  • The Prince is the head of state and leader of the Principality.
  • The Royal Council is comprised of The Prince and Nobility as well as elected officials and Ambassadors.
  • The Royal council takes care of all national issues such as creating laws and policies.
  • All decisions passed by the Royal council must have a two thirds majority vote to become binding.


The Vikeslandic Crown is the official currency of the Principality, with one VC = to one US Dollar.

Micronational Recognition

The Principality of Vikesland has mutual recognition agreements with:

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