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*[[2018 in Doctor Who]]
*[[2018 in Doctor Who]]
*[[2019 in Doctor Who]]
*[[2019 in Doctor Who]]
*[[2020 in Doctor Who]]

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For criticism see Criticism of Doctor Who by year

This series of articles is intended to list all Doctor Who in all media by year of broadcast or publication. Only the TV series is complete so far.


Except in special cases, only the original BBC broadcast is listed. The title is as it appeared on screen, except reduced from the standard block capitals.


These are mainly of the television programmes, but there are also a few animations. They are in two formats. The original VHS issues covered all surviving television episodes, but these have all now been deleted from the catalogue. The programmes are slowly being reissued on DVD. These and other reissues are not listed here unless there is some special reason. Video issues start in 1983 in Doctor Who.


These are mainly TV stories where some of the episodes survive while others are lost. The package typically includes video of the surviving episodes and soundtrack of the rest.


These come in various series:

  • BBC new series novels
  • BBC 8th Doctor books: these continued the story from the programme broadcast in 1996 in Doctor Who, and were wound up after the revival in 2005 in Doctor Who
  • BBC Past Doctor books: 1997 in Doctor Who-2005 in Doctor Who
  • New Adventures: Virgin books: this series was started in 1991 in Doctor Who to carry on from where the TV series had been suspended; it was wound up in 1997 in Doctor Who, after another programme had been broadcast the previous year, with an attempt to link in; a continuation of the series, featuring one of the companions introduced in it, is omitted here as a spinoff as it does not feature the Doctor himself
  • Missing Adventures: Virgin books, between 1994 in Doctor Who and 1997 in Doctor Who; these are placed at various points in the past of the Doctor's internal chronology
  • Target novelisations: although this name is regularly used, hardback and overseas editions have also been issued by other publishers
  • Short story collections
  • Script books
  • Graphic novels
  • Annuals: typically comprising a mixture of short stories, comic strips and non-fictional material
  • Telos novellas: between 2001 in Doctor Who and 2004 in Doctor Who

The book titles listed here are those appearing on the front covers, as these are easily verifiable from images on the internet. Titles on spines or title pages may be different.

It is not always clear whether the Doctor Who logo appearing on many front covers is to be treated as part of the title. For consistency, it is always treated as such in annuals and Target novelizations, except where it is duplicated in the title.