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Wikinfo was founded in July as an alternative to Wikipedia. It is a reference resource running on Mediawiki collaboration software]. Wikinfo's editorial policies are considerably more liberal than Wikipedia's, allowing alternative approaches to presentation and linking of knowledge not generally permitted on Wikipedia such as Wikinfo:Original research and articles written from a Wikinfo:Sympathetic point of view. Wiki software allows simplified editing by users of this site, you can not only read, but may also edit content. Wikinfo, especially to those who edit, as well as read it, is a valuable learning resource which offers an opportunity to share knowledge with others. Encyclopedic articles and essays can be written from a sympathetic point of view, as well as from a critical point of view. Generally the main article on a person or institution should present the subject in a positive light, (sympathetic point of view); critical or alternative viewpoints should also be presented, but not necessarily in the main article on the subject. In the case of concepts or practices, in the main article, they should be presented upon their own terms as making sense. Again, articles on the subject from alternate viewpoints are expected and encouraged.

Creativity is strongly encouraged. Articles are welcomed which explore patterns revealed by other knowledge. Patterns are infinite, connections diverse, and not all truths have been noted or named. Original work may be published as a signed article.

See Creativity, Problem solving, Creative problem solving...

Please notify the Wikinfo:Registered agent with notice of copyright infringements or with respect to other problems such as malicious editing, libelous, or offensive material.