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To edit Communpedia you will need an account. To get an account on Communpedia you must first be an editor on Wikipedia with a confirmed email address. Use your account on Wikipedia to email Wikipedia:User:Fred Bauder. I will then create your account here. Communpedia contains lots of historical information about small, or large, bands of Marxist-Leninists seizing power and what happened afterwards as terror was employed to whip the population into line. However, the broad theme looking forward is about mobilizing the majority to govern, peacefully, in their own interest.

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A Pussy hat is a knitted pink hat symbolizing resistance to the misogynistic attitudes of Donald J. Trump the populist strongman elected President of the United States in.

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International news

  • April Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez will succeed Raúl Castro as President of Cuba. (The New York Times "The Washington Post)
  • A government campaign has resulted in substantial reduction in air pollution in China'a large cities lengthening lifespan. (The New York Times People's Daily)
  • March Following removal of term limits for Xi Jinping "1984" and "Animal Farm" were banned from internet searches in China. (The Guardian)
  • March 6, Henri Falcón enters race for President of Venezuela. (The New York Times)
  • November 1, China has set "common prosperity" as a goal for. (The New York Times RealClear World CGTN)
    • "In we will establish a moderately prosperous society across all metrics. This is the society to be enjoyed by each and every one of us. On the march towards common prosperity, no one must be left behind. We will mobilize the whole Party and the whole country in a resolute push to deliver on our pledge and eradicate poverty in China."
  • August 18, Constituent Assembly of Venezuela assumes legislative control over Venezuela. (The New York Times)
  • July 30, The United Socialist Party of Venezuela appointed the Constituent Assembly of Venezuela which, according to Nicolás Maduro, displaces the existing government of Venezuela. (The Washington Post}
  • May Situation in Venezuela continues to deteriorate with uncertain outcome (The New York Times)
  • March 8. International Women's Day
  • January Killing of activists continues in Colombia despite Colombian peace process (Thomson Reuters Foundation)
  • January 21, Massive Women's Marches began resistance to Trump presidency. (womensmarchThe New York Times)
  • Summer and Fall Progressives and Native Americans engage in the Dakota Access Pipeline protests near the Missouri River south of Bismark, North Dakota. (Wikipedia Oceti Sakowin Camp (dead link as of November))
  • November 25, Fidel Castro died at age 90.
  • Chinese state oil company agrees to finance and improve Venezuelan oil production (South China Morning News) China and Venezuela are in a comprehensive strategic partnership dating from (
  • November Rats leave sinking ship (Reuters)
  • November 8, Donald Trump, a populist strongman, elected President of the United States. His margin of victory came from unorganized working class elements.
  • September 26, Colombia signs peace treaty with FARC (The New York Times)
  • August Malaria re-emerges in Venezuela (The New York Times)
  • August 9 to 14, World Social Forum in Montreal
  • July. "People, Land, Seeds, Food." Pan-African land reform and agricultural conference taking place in Harare, Zimbabwe, July 12-15. (La Via Campesina)
  • March 25, Anti-communist movements in Venezuela and Cuba mirror Cuban and Venezuelan cooperation and support. (The New York Times)
  • March 2, FIST (Fight Imperialism, Stand Together) anti-oppression, anti-exploitation, revolutionary group to hold conference, New York City, USA, 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., 147 West 24th Street, 2nd floor. fightimperialism
  • February 11, Cambodia denies bail to garment industry strikers despite international protests. Womens Media Center
  • January Patriotic March, a leftist party in Colombia, considers disbanding due to political assassinations (Columbia Reports)
  • January 21, Leaked documents reveal extensive off-shore holdings of Chinese princelings (The Guardian The International Consortium of Investigative Journalism The New York Times China Digital Times)
  • January 20, Top 85 as rich as poorest 3½ billion (The Guardian World Top Incomes Database)
  • January, Flash mobs of dark-skinned C class youth assemble at Brazilian shopping malls (Portal AZ The New York Times)
  • January 13, A prominent former Red Guard apologized for her role in the death of a teacher during the Cultural Revolution (Beijing News, Consensus Net, New York Times, Bloomberg News)
  • January 10, Chemical leak in West Virginia, USA, cuts water to 250,000.
  • January 6, American gun libertarians silence dissident member ( ).
  • December, Brazil is reported to be forming a close economic relationship with Cuba by hiring Cuban doctors and engaging in joint economic projects. (The New York Times)
  • November 9, Immigrant workers riot in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (The New York Times)
  • November 3, Cuba invites Chinese investment in special development zone at Muriel Port (Qiushi})
  • November 1, Chen Quanguo, Communist Party Chief of the Tibet Autonomous Region calls in Qiushi for strict censorship. (The New York Times)
  • October 31, Greenland parliament votes 15-14 to lift decades-long ban on uranium mining.
  • October 13, Yangzhong builds giant statue of puffer fish (The New York Times)
  • October 7, Strike at steel mill in Venezuela (The New York Times)
  • September 27, The Daily Mail attacks Labour Party leader's father (The Daily Mail The Guardian The Guardian)
  • September 26, World Cup infrastructure in Qatar being built with forced labor (The Guardian)
  • September 23, 200,000 on strike in Bangladesh (The Australian)
  • September 21, Textile workers in Bangladesh demand $107 a month (The Raw Story)
  • September 17, Fair Labor Standards Act extended to include direct care workers who provide personal care for the disabled and elderly in the United States (U.S. Department of Labor)
  • September 16, White family lives for a month in a township in South Africa (Living in Mamelodi for a Month)
  • September 14, Communist Party of Swaziland leader arrested while campaigning against bogus election in Swaziland (LINKS)
  • September 14, AFL-CIO reaches out to the unorganized at its convention (AFL-CIO)
  • September 14, Occupation of Zócalo by the National Education Workers Co-ordinating Committee ends (The Guardian)
  • September 9, Dennis Rodman spills the beans (The Guardian)
  • September 22, General election in Germany (The Guardian)
  • September 4, Grey wolf killed in March in Missouri (Earth First! Journal)
  • September 3, Wolves devour farmers' sheep and goats in southern France (The New York Times)
  • September 1, Guest workers under H-2B visas cheated in the United States (The New York Times)
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